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                 Guangzhou Feng Da Machinery Co.,Ltd,is one of Guangdong Province manufacture, specializing in the production of cake tray machine,cake tray forming machine,cake tray making machine,baking cup machine,tulip cup machine,muffin cup machine series machinery and equipment.Our company has nearly 20 years of production histories.,all our automatic machines have been qualified with CE certificate.Products sold throughout the country and exported to Europe, the east-South Asia, Africa,and the middle-east,praised by users.Our company has many customers, our machines can be sold overseas, not only because of our pursuit of better quality machines, the most important reason is our customer service, enabling customers satisfied.Our company offers a wide range of service agreements. It has the ability to manage the service process for the clients and can coordinate the returns by carrying out first level repairs and shipments to and from our facility in China. We have highly competent partners worldwide who know our Machines well and can respond rapidly when the need arises. They can merely replace parts or can provide technical assistance, service in connection with product replacement or total service, where Feng Da has overall responsibility of a product operation.

                On our website you can clearly see the details of our machines, including the price of the cake tray machine, cake tray forming machine,cake tray making machine and so on,the machine’s image, of course, we can also provide more cake tray machine,cake tray making machine,cake tray forming machine video for you, if possible, you can also personally come to our factory to visit .

                In 2004, there were some paper product factories in China.However,it is difficult to find such cake tray making machine as this machine. Then more and more customer come to our factory asks us to design a cake tray machine.From then on, we are committed to design cake tray machine,cake tray forming machine and cake tray making machine.We started designing semi cake tray equipment is not suitable for customers in Europe,because the labor cost was very expensive in Europe.After several exchanges, research, successfully designed automatic cake tray machine.We have advanced technology, continuous improvement and upgrading to meet customer needs.

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