Cake tray machinery will face reform and innovation

Cake tray machinery will face reform and innovation

cake tray making machine Cake tray is a good way to  attract consumers bear the burden. Consumers in the purchase of food, in addition to being attracted exquisite food packaging, reasonable prices move outside, appropriate packaging  is also an important factor in consumer buying decisions,so our cake tray machine will face reform and innovation.

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In fact, for packaging design, size is not often mention but a very important indicator. Any product designers and brands are impossible not to consider the size of the problem, and its product strategy for the brand is becoming increasingly important.
Recently, the American Meat force survey released when shoppers make purchase decisions in meat sales area they attach great importance to convenience, diversity and transparency. Driving factors in the purchase decision, the price of a pound of meat, the total price of the package has become the dominant factor in shoppers buy meat and poultry products when, for small families and groups millennium, the total price of the package is more important, this explains the diversity of the future package sizes.
Likewise, Mintel’s report also lists some of the facts: Compared to the past, families around the world came to think bulk milk more valuable; 39% of UK consumers would like to see more small bottles of alcoholic beverages; 50 % of health-conscious consumers snack offered to small trial installation of new products.

This shows that with the continuous expansion of the brand portfolio, in order to meet consumer demand for different occasions at different times, you have to provide more choice and size – small smaller, big bigger.
Consumer demand for increasingly rich product size, in fact, and gradually change their way of life are closely related. Young workers in the city as an example. They mostly live alone or with one or two people sharing the main, to buy a small component of the food would be more appropriate; they are concerned about health, health, high-calorie foods to eat small package just fine. On the other hand a relatively limited group of people living expenses, and more budget conscious, it would be more cost-effective price to buy the size of the product.
In recent years, meat, sweets and drinks have a smaller size package, which enhance health awareness and concern for the body is closely related with people. Since it is because consumer demand leading meat, sweets and beverages with innovative packaging dimensions, then other foods must also follow the market trend, the introduction of more different sizes of product packaging.
To achieve diversification of food packaging sizes, packaging machinery will face appropriate innovation. Although China is currently part of the packaging machinery has started production of the new dimensions of packaging, but packaging technology and equipment manufacturing capacity has not yet reached a mature stage, compared with the international advanced level, but there is a big gap. Therefore, China’s packaging machinery manufacturers need to develop timely update technology and equipment manufacturing capacity to meet consumer demand for different sizes of food, packaging machinery technology to keep up with the world level.

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